David Mashiko

Once there was a Trouper who had been very shy as a boy. He overcame this shyness by becoming a thespian.

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The Trouper roamed the lands trying to fulfil his dream. A dream to bring to audiences tales the like of which would fill them with the magic and wonder of theatre. Tales that would leave them spellbound and full of exciting questions to enrich their lives.
One day when he travelled as a Journeyman Thespian, he met two women who were also troupers. One was a raven-haired beauty, whose voice was renowned throughout the land, the other a woman with wide eyes, whose boldness was legendary. Both shared his dream.
The Trouper met them when Raven saw his talent at an inn called "La Vache Rosé", and cast him in a play called, “Swine of Great Girth”. During the run, his fellow player Wide-Eye and the he fell in love and after the show closed, decided that they and should band together to tell tales throughout the land.
Wide-Eye had once had such a troupe, which had lost all members bar herself, so she and the Trouper restored it, and Wide Eyed Thespians was revived.
And A Faerie Tale was born.
The End.
The Tale of Shy Boy