Makiko Mikami

There once lived a little girl named Makiko. Like many other little girls, Makiko dreamt of becoming a powerful queen, so she could order people around all day long.
She practiced and trained every day to be ruthless (because to be a queen, you need to be feared, of course!) and kept saying "Off with their heads!", whenever people around her made mistakes.
Makiko grew to be a fearsome young woman fit for a queen and was ready to rule a kingdom. But then, the world changed.
Suddenly, there were no kingdoms left to rule. All the kingdoms were now ruled by kings.
She was in despair for one whole day, and cursed the stupid world for not being fair. But the next day, she got up and thought to herself, "Fine! If they are not giving me a kingdom, I will create one!"
And so, she formed a theatre company where she could create and live and rule the world of magic!
The End